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Alex Hernandez

[VP of Customer Solutions]

Madison Iler

[Director of Compliance & Advisory Services, LMG]

Dave DeFazio

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David Reed, Esq.

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Attendees of the Technology & Cybersecurity Summit will take home:

  • 3 step formula to fortify your cybersecurity defense plan.
  • Sound practices & policies to protect your brand on social media.

  • Real-world solutions to guard against the top threats from the same people who are training the FFIEC.

  • Practical tools to compete in an app world.

  • Practical guidance to help you prepare for NCUA’s new ACET guidelines to measure your CU’s cyber risk.

  • Proven strategies to manage your cybersecurity plan based on risk – not on media reports.

  • Real-time guidance to thwart hackers before they strike!

  • And much more.


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Delivering Flawless Execution Fast

Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Technology & Cybersecurity Summit Sessions
Alex Hernandez

VP of Customer Solutions, DefenseStorm

3-Step Formula to Fortify Your Cybersecurity Defense Plan

CUs are in the cross-hairs of hackers who want to gain access to members’ sensitive financial data. Examiners are now stepping up their requirements and using the Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (ACET) to measure the inherent risks and corresponding controls to ensure ALL CUs protect and respond to cyber threats. There’s much at stake. As cybercompliance becomes integral to cybersecurity, CUs must understand how to unite culture with technology. Fortunately, one of the country’s leading experts on cybersecurity for CUs, Alex Hernandez of DefenseStorm, will help you develop an active defense plan in this plain-English workshop. Examiners want more than a set of policies in a binder. They want to ensure you are:

  1. Doing the right things.
  2. Doing the right things RIGHT.
  3. Able to PROVE you are doing the right things RIGHT.

This 3-Step Formula for Success is your proven model to ensure policies and controls are being put into action across the organization and are constantly monitored and verified. In short, this 3-step formula is a Cybersecurity Defense Plan examiners will love – and cyber criminals will hate!

BONUS: Every CU in attendance also gets DefenseStorm’s New 9-Point Tactical Cyber Defense Plan – and PROVING IT to help minimize the risk to your CU – and your members’ privacy!

David Reed, Esq.

Reed & Jolly, PLLC

Social Media & Security: A 5-Point Plan to Protect Your CU

Social media offers great rewards, but also great risk. Remember when Wendy’s tweeted an image of Pepe the Frog? Executives quickly apologized for the employee’s post that accidentally aligned itself with white supremacists. What’s needed are sound practices & policies whether employees are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube. Join Attorney David Reed as he reveals a 5-point plan to help protect your CU’s brand, reputation and security risk while also encouraging engagement with members and prospects. Plus, every attendee also gets Reed & Jolly’s Social Media Sample Policy to use right away.

Madison Iler 

LMG’s Director of Compliance & Advisory Services

Top Cyber Threats Every CU Must Guard Against

Cybercriminals are taking hacking to the next level by leveraging ever-more-sophisticated toolsets and increasingly mature techniques. But not all threats are created equal. Some can do massive damage to your brand reputation, interrupt your CU’s services, and most importantly – expose your members’ private data. The secret for effective cybersecurity is to know where to prioritize your efforts and direct resources to protect your CU. Madison Iler, LMG Security’s Compliance Director and trainer to FFIEC examiners, shows you how to guard against the top current threats including:

  • Business email compromise — a rapidly growing way that cybercriminals intercept your emails and redirect money.
  • Banking trojans — software that infects your computers, steals your passwords, and transfers funds.
  • Ransomware — attackers’ top choice for cyber extortion.

Madison gives you real-time, practical guidance you can use to protect your CU from the latest threats – and rest easy knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your members from cyber attacks.

Dave DeFazio 

Partner, Strategy Corps

Planet of the Apps — The Evolving Battle for Customers & Cross Selling in a Mobile World

This session focuses on live demonstrations of the mobile apps that are re-imagining everyday banking tasks. Live app demos include: Credit Karma, Quicken Loans, AmEx, PayPal, Bank of America’s Erica voice activated banking and Chase’s Finn.

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