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James Robert Lay

[Founder & CEO]

Val Mindak

[CEO, Park City CU, Merrill, WI]

Jim Craig

[Co-Founder, Conotext, LLC]

Pamela Hatt

[VP of Marketing, Pen Air FCU]

Barbara Sanfilippo

[High Definition Banking]

Amanda Thomas

[Founder & President, TwoScore]

Bryan Clagett

[CMO + Investor, Geezeo ]

Attendees of the Marketing Summit will take home:

  • Solutions to move beyond transactional selling to build trusted relationships that have been proven to increase net acquisitions 18.5% on average, over 3 years.
  • Practical guidance to increase your CU’s search visibility 20% in 6 months.
  • Secrets to generate 10x more loans and deposits.
  • A digital-first marketing strategy that can increase profitability more than $730k in 12 months.
  • Tips to earn an ROI on your CRM (finally!)
  • An Employee Engagement Assessment that is turning around CUs’ marketing results.
  • Low-cost, high-impact guerrilla marketing tactics any CU can use!
  • Partnering tactics you can use with Fintechs to increase online engagement 200%.
  • And much more.
CU Leadership Roundtable Forum

Discover what leadership strategies are working in this roundtable session. Learn first-hand from other CU leaders, network and exchange ideas. This is what it’s all about!

Delivering Flawless Execution Fast

Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Marketing Summit Sessions
Barbara Sanfilippo

High Definition Banking

Marketing Summit
A Roadmap to Transform Relationships into Revenue®

Do your members view you as a financial partner or “just another errand”™ while on the way to the bank for financial advice and a new loan? To truly differentiate your CU you must move beyond transactional product selling to building trusted relationships. In this idea-packed and energizing session, Barbara Sanfilipppo, an award-winning speaker and consultant shares a proven multi-year progression to advance beyond the initial welcoming experience to member outreach and reboarding and ultimately, financial coaching. Take home a road map to move forward and be challenged to rethink your game plan for generating revenue! You get CU-tested strategies so you can:

  • Implement a process that is repeatable and guaranteed to build trust, improve staff buy-in and increase revenue.
  • Leverage the 3 most important emotional drivers of the member relationship that has improved member experience by 300%.
  • Earn an ROI on your CRM (finally!) as your staff effectively manages and grows member relationships. Find out how!
  • Turn around your sales culture and better serve your members when they need you most!

Take home the same tactics that have increased net acquisitions by 18.5% on average over 3 years … boosted new accounts by an average of 25% … and drove up referral activity in the wealth and mortgage business areas by 21.5% annually!

James Robert Lay

Founder & CEO, Digital Growth Institute

Marketing Summit
More Than Dollars and Cents: How to Tell Digital Marketing Stories that Sell

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I need a new loan!” Yet, what they really need is a car to get to work … money to send their youngest daughter to college … and home renovations to take care of an aging father. The thought of more debt creates stress. That stress can take a toll on our health, our relationships and our sense of wellbeing. You can help. Your members are looking for someone they can trust to get them and their families a bigger, better, and brighter future. Promoting great rates and amazing service won’t cut it today! Just about every CU and bank can say the same things. Based on Digital Growth Institute’s newest research with clients, find out how to effectively differentiate your brand – and your products – and rise above the noise with digital stories across a spectrum of channels. Learn how to further amplify powerful stories through content marketing as you position yourself as the helpful and trusted financial guide within your community to generate 10X more loans and deposits.  

Val Mindak

CEO, Park City CU, Merrill, WI

Marketing Summit
Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Any CU Can Use to Compete Anywhere, Anytime

How do you triple the size of your CU to become a dominant player in the market and force the Big Banks to run scared? Find out how as CEO Val Mindak of Park City CU reveals one low-cost, high-impact tactic after another you can use to increase loan volume, add more than 100 members every month and turn your CU into the talk of the town. The random acts of kindness…Park City Cares Initiative…social give-back are just a few of the tactics that has everyone buzzing in the CU and in the community. As she says, “You can’t buy your way into a market.” But you can get everyone to buy into your mission and purpose – and that can make all the difference. In this power-packed session you get:

  • Social media tactics you can use to get others to promote your brand.
  • Simple, low-cost strategies to take your CU viral.
  • The innovative strategy to turn a branch into a coffee shop – that also offers paninis, tea, checking, savings and loan products.
  • Marketing solutions to engage your prospects and keep them coming back to you.
  • Practical strategies to build a sales culture so everyone – from your front-line to your C-suite – are all working towards the same goals.
  • And much more.
Jim Craig

Co-Founder, Conotext, LLC

Marketing Summit
Developing a Digital-First Marketing Strategy

With more than 80% of major purchases beginning with online research digital marketing should not be part of your marketing strategy, it should be the foundation upon which you build your entire marketing strategy if you wish to engage the modern financial consumer.

Digital-first is not a wholesale replacement of old media with new media. Digital-first is a process that leads to use of a mix of marketing channels to generate new loan and account opportunities for your credit union.

Join Jim Craig, co-founder of the digital marketing agency Conotext, and Pam Hatt, VP of Marketing at Pen Air FCU, to hear:

  • How to think like a digital financial consumer – Refreshing product website content to speak to the most desired solutions helped a credit union increase its search visibility nearly 20% in six months.
  • How to be “digital first” but not “digital only” – A 30-segment communication program that used email and direct mail increased profitability more than $730,000 over a control group in a 12-month period.
  • How to combine old media and new media effectively – Pen Air’s community involvement and sponsorships increases brand awareness that leads to higher engagement in digital channels.
  • Gaining C-level acceptance of a digital-first strategy – Jim and Pam will share their experience of gaining buy-in without triggering micromanagement.
Pamela Hatt

VP of Marketing, Pen Air FCU

Bryan Clagett

CMO + Investor, Geezeo

Marketing Summit
Embrace the Fintech Challenge & Leverage it in Your Value Proposition

This fast-paced Ted Talk style presentation will embolden you to bring new marketing and messaging strategies to your CU. While others are lamenting Fintechs, find out how you partner with them and increase online engagement by more than 200% … re-position your brand in the minds of your members … increase product usage by 80% in just 6 months, and much more. Discover how some of the country’s most successful CU marketers are taking advantage of the dramatic changes in the tech sector and creating exciting growth opportunities.

Amanda Thomas

Founder & President, TwoScore

Marketing Summit
Marketing + Employee Engagement: The Secret Formula for Your CU’s Success

Who are your most powerful brand advocates? Your employees! But if your employees are like the rest of America, only 16% are engaged. One CU, which saw YoY losses in membership, net income, and loans, increased employee engagement and is now one of the top performing CUs in Ohio. Find out how!

BONUS: Every attendee gets TwoScore’s Employee Engagement Assessment so you can see how to boost engagement & your marketing results!


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