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Brett Christensen

[CU Lending Advice, LLC]

Don Arkell

[Senior Consultant]

Matt Roe

[SVP, Open Lending, LLC]

Dan Green

[EVP Marketing, Mortgage Cadence]

Attendees of the Lending Summit will take home:

  • Secrets to generate yields 4-6 times on your net ROA.
  • 7 strategies to boost ROAs above 1.50% and net worth in excess of 12.0%
  • Exclusive benchmarking of the best performing mortgage lenders using 5 key metrics.
  • A proven lending model that can maximize your ROA.
  • Tactics to book 20%-40% more auto loans without changing your marketing.
  • Tools you can use to properly assess and mitigate your CU’s risk.
  • Tips to add $1,000 on every auto loan.
  • Practical solutions to centralize your lending and sales functions.
  • And much more.
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Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Lending Summit Sessions
Matt Roe

SVP, Open Lending, LLC

Lending Summit
Elevate Your Auto Lending Horizons & Drive Up Profits with Competitive Pricing

Auto sales declined in 2018 for the first time since the Great Recession. Yet, many CUs are seeing spectacular growth in their auto loan portfolio. What is their secret? Proper risk-based pricing, says Matt Roe of Open Lending. The problem is that too many CUs do not segment their risk-based pricing models effectively and as a result they are turning away some of their most profitable members and not pricing their loans competitively. Find out how some of the top CUs are generating yields 4-6 times on their net ROA using the strategies Matt Roe outlines in this powerful session.

Find out how to:

  • Tackle today’s toughest challenges with effective risk-based pricing and book 20%-40% more auto loans without changing your marketing.
  • Properly assess and mitigate your CU’s risk.
  • Harvest existing revenue opportunities using the same techniques others are using to add $1,000 on every deal.
  • Confidently and effectively manage the risks and rewards for maximum returns to your CU – and save your members up to 400-500 bps.
  • Streamline the credit-decision process and respond to members with a quote in as little as 7 seconds.

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Dan Green

EVP Marketing, Mortgage Cadence

Lending Summit
How to Duplicate the 5 Best Practices of Top Performing Lenders

Today, the best performing mortgage lenders are focusing on one thing — closing loans faster than their competitors. Dan Green should know. Based on 7 years of benchmarking research, he has uncovered the 5 KPIs top performing mortgage lenders measure & monitor consistently track — and how you can apply the same success principles. Hint: It has little to do with expensive technology and everything to do with your people and how their process dovetails with your technology. Put these best practices to work in your CU and apply the same tactics that top performers use to close in a few as 10 to 12 days, giving them a huge market advantage.

Don Arkell

Senior Lending Consultant,
CU Lending Advice, LLC

Lending Summit
The Lending Model that Maximizes ROA

The vast majority of credit unions were not “Born Digital”. With one foot in the past and one in the future, many CUs struggle with attracting and growing direct loans. Learn how the most successful CUs are maximizing remote delivery to increase sales. “Convenience” has been redefined. This thought provoking session will challenge CU leaders about how they currently deliver lending today and how they need to deliver in the future. Find out how to:

  • Organize your loan department for maximum success.
  • Lower your Expense Ratio while increasing your Loan Volume.
  • Motivate employees to achieve better results.
Brett Christensen

Owner, CU Lending Advice, LLC

Lending Summit
The Seven Pillars of Financial and Lending Success

One of the nation’s leading experts on credit union lending, Brett Christensen, returns for a high-energy, high-powered session in which he reveals the 7 strategies that are turning ordinary lending departments into extraordinary success stories. Take home the same practical guidance that have helped many of his clients achieve a sustainable ROA above 1.50% and net worth in excess of 12.0%. You get proven lending tactics to:

  • Reduce expenses while also giving your loan department a competitive edge.
  • Boost income by improving your direct auto lending strategies.
  • Hire, train & retain true sales people who are motivated to serve.
  • Leverage business development – a key driver for high-performing loan departments.
  • Centralize your lending and sales functions for maximum effectiveness.

The same strategies revealed in this session have helped hundreds of CUs cut expenses while increasing loan yields and have helped many others become the top auto lender in their markets.

BONUS: Every attendee also gets CU Lending Advice’s 7 Pillars for Lending Success Guide to take home and apply in their own lending department.


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