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Tim Harrington

[CPA, President]

Joshua Allison

[Founder & Chief Ideator]

Deedee Myers

[CEO, DDJ Myers, Ltd.]

Andy Roquet

[Sr. Executive, CUNA Mutual Group]

Attendees of the Leadership Summit will take home:

  • New executive compensation strategies that reward performance.
  • Leverage the “Black Box” for effective board governance.
  • Practical strategies for effective leadership in any situation.
  • Tactics to create a successful coaching culture.
  • Proven methods to objectively determine compensation rates in your market.
  • Take advantage of the Feedback Loop for better communication.
  • Solutions to focus your team more on strategy — and delegate day-to-day operations.
  • And much, much more.
CU Leadership Roundtable Forum

Discover what leadership strategies are working in this roundtable session. Learn first-hand from other CU leaders, network and exchange ideas. This is what it’s all about!

Delivering Flawless Execution Fast

Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Leadership Summit Sessions
Andy Roquet

Sr. Executive Benefits Specialist, CUNA Mutual Group

Keynote Summit Session

Wednesday • July 31 • 1:15 pm – 2:00 pm
The New Board/CEO Dynamic: Collaborate and Motivate

A new energy is infusing today’s board/CEO relationship. One reason: The huge wave of boomer executives is retiring and the C-suite is getting younger. New ideas. Vision. Vitality. But also, this new wave needs and wants active participation from their boards. Another driver of the new dynamic is compensation aimed at retaining top talent in the short term as well as the long term. Newer executives expect more creative and motivational performance rewards—and they’re willing to work hand-in-hand with boards to achieve these rewards. In this session, two industry experts discuss where executive compensation trends are headed over the next five years. Even if you don’t expect a CEO transition soon, you’ll gain valuable insight into a board’s role in setting performance goals, using market rates for compensation, and deploying new types of non-qualified deferred plans.

Sponsored by: 

Deedee Myers

CEO, DDJ Myers, Ltd.

Joshua Allison

Founder & Chief Ideator, Think Café

The New Workforce: Essential Insights for Effective Engagement & Coaching of the Millennial Mindset

Within just 6 years, 75% of the workplace will be comprised of the millennial generation. Yet, many Gen X and Baby Boomer managers have struggled to coach and manage to the Gen Y value system. Join Josh Allison as he discusses the most successful strategies for winning and keeping the heart of your millennial employees – a booming segment in the market that could give you a competitive edge in the war for talent. A former Business Development Manager at Horizon CU in Spokane Valley, WA, Josh helped the CU reach 11,000 millennials with an award-winning outreach program. He was also recently nominated as a “Credit Union Rockstar” and a Top 10 Speaker for the World CU Conference. In this fun, dynamic and practical session you will learn how to:

  • Develop a successful coaching culture based on what’s working with other organizations.
  • Overcome the Big 4 Motivation Myths – and how to truly inspire & engage a new generation of workers.
  • Increase your leadership influence using practical Strength-Based Coaching techniques.
  • Leverage the Feedback Loop for better communication.
  • And much more.

BONUS: Every attendee also gets Think Cafe’s Top 10 Tactics for Effectively Coaching Millennials you can take home with you and put to work right away!

Deedee Myers

CEO, DDJ Myers, Ltd.

Take advantage of the “Black Box” for Effective Board Governance

Most boards operate in a Type I mode – the fiduciary mode. This is the bedrock of governance. Some reach a Type II mode in which board members truly operate at a strategic level. However, the most effective boards operate at a Type III mode – the “Black Box” for effective board governance. This is where boards, along with executives, frame challenges as well as opportunities and leverage their competitive advantage with new and creative methods of collective thinking with rigorous discussions and decision-making. Dr. Myers shows how CU boards are shifting from a Type I and II mode to a trimodal governance framework to take advantage of all 3 dimensions. Find out how this dynamic thinking has helped other CU boards focus 75% of their time and energy on strategy [like it should be!] … create better alignment between the directors and CEO … attract new & younger board members … and actually enjoy their experience as leaders of a CU. Take home the same tools high-performing boards are using by taking advantage of this innovative trimodal governance model.

BONUS: Every attendee also get DDJ Myer’s Top 5 Tools for Effective Governance to take home and put to work right away!

Tim Harrington

CEO, TEAM Resources

Enlightened Leadership From Eisenhower to LeBron

Those old enough to remember Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, know him as Mr. Boring. And those young enough to follow perhaps the all-time greatest basketball player, LeBron James, know him as Mr. Basketball. Two very different personalities, yet both achieved amazing results. How? Both had to LEARN to be a LEADER. Both transcend their titles and public personas to inspire others to pursue their highest dreams and ideas. In this dynamic, never-before-seen talk, one of CU Leadership Convention’s Highest-Rated speakers, Tim Harrington, returns to show how anyone can lead effectively whether in the War Rooms of World War II or in the NBA Locker Rooms of Cleveland or Los Angeles. Tim reveals how LeBron struggled to finally become a leader on and off the court – and the lessons learned for all of us. He also pulls back the curtain to show how “Ike” inspired a nation and the Allied troops to recover from near defeat and drive towards victory after being soundly beaten at the start of World War II. These are real-world leadership strategies anyone can use to achieve extraordinary results.


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