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John Moreno


Dr. Samuel Jones

[Motivational Speaker]

Diane Reed

[President, CU Doctor & Instructor, Credit Union HR Compliance Certification School]

Flynt Gallagher

[President, Compensation Advisors]

John Andrews

[Executive VP, D. Hilton Associates, Inc.]

Derek Tyree

[Director of Talent Development, STCU]

Attendees of the HR Summit will take home:

  • Strategies to turn beliefs into actions to re-energize, re-engage, and re-spark your CU for better results.
  • Practical solutions to retain 97% of your highest performers.
  • 4 critical factors to create an effective performance-based compensation plan.
  • Real-world tactics to turn every employee into a leader!
  • Step-by-step guidance for handling harassment complaints against employees.
  • Top 10 tips for managing your CU’s most valuable investment!
  • Secrets to create an executive compensation plan that will deliver an ROI for years to come.
  • Solutions for managing allegations in today’s “Me too” environment.
  • And much more.
CU Leadership Roundtable Forum

Discover what leadership strategies are working in this roundtable session. Learn first-hand from other CU leaders, network and exchange ideas. This is what it’s all about!

Delivering Flawless Execution Fast

Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Here are just a few highlights…
Human Resources Summit Sessions
Dr. Samuel Jones

Raise the B.A.R. (Beliefs. Actions. Results.) A practical guide for CU Leaders

One of the most painful things to see is a bold, confident employee fall into the trap of mediocrity. Even great employees can be subject to run-of-the-mill habits and getting caught in the slump of repetitive routines. Back by popular demand, Dr. Samuel Jones delivers a powerful session designed to literally Raise the B.A.R. by turning beliefs into actions and achieve extraordinary results. Dr. Jones will share ways to re-energize, re-engage, and re-spark your inner drive, improve results and maximizing productivity.

Takeaways: Attendees will come away able to…

  • Define and evaluate their beliefs for what works and what doesn’t work
  • Capitalize on actions that increase and demand higher expectations
  • Demonstrate strategies to motivate their team to reach new heights

This program is designed for CUs of all types and size to increase employee engagement, overcome adversity, increase sales, boost productivity, and improve member service.

John Andrews

Executive Vice President,
D. Hilton Associates, Inc.

4 Critical Factors for Developing an Executive Compensation Program That’s Right for Your CU

CEO compensation can be a lightning rod for the media and the public. As executive compensation gains greater scrutiny, you need to substantiate your pay practices with reliable data and best practices you can stand behind with confidence. John Andrews gives a framework for establishing an executive compensation program that is competitive – and effective. The key is to develop pay strategies that your executives – and ALL stakeholders – find reliable and meaningful. The result: peace of mind for everyone involved. Find out how to develop a meaningful compensation program focused on 4 critical factors:

  • Develop and maintain an executive compensation philosophy that fits your culture.
  • Secure meaningful data from which you can make compensation decisions – with confidence!
  • Explore how to integrate performance management with variable pay.
  • And create meaningful retention and retirement programs.

BONUS: Every attendee also gets D. Hilton’s 6 Strategies for Retaining High-Performing Executives Without Costing You a Fortune.

John Moreno

Senior Managing Director,

Top 5 Strategies to Get the Most Return on Your Executive Compensation Investment

What will it take for your CU to compete 10, 15 or even 20 years from now? And how should your compensation program be structured to help you not just grow, but continue to increase your market share in the future? Get the secrets to create an executive compensation program that will deliver an ROI for years to come. Find out:

  • How to create a compensation plan in an increasingly competitive financial market?
  • What are the key metrics CUs should use to measure executive performance?
  • How should compensation be tied to those metrics that’s fair to ALL stakeholders?
  • How do you know whether a CEO is underpaid or overpaid?
  • What is the best compensation model to ensure a CU is getting the best return on its investment?
  • How can boards – and executives – ensure their compensation is aligned with both the short-term and long-term goals of a CU?

BONUS: Every attendee also gets Compensation Advisors’ Top 10 Tips for Managing Your CU’s Most Valuable Investment.

Flynt Gallagher

President, Compensation Advisors

Diane Reed

President, CU Doctor & Instructor, Credit Union
HR Compliance Certification School

How to Handle Harassment Charges in Today’s “Me Too” World

In today’s “Me Too” world, the chances of an allegation of harassment (whether “sexual” or “hostile workplace” oriented) being filed against your CU are greater than ever. How do you handle complaints? Who is responsible for what? How do you determine whether an investigation is warranted? Join Diane Reed as she examines harassment examples and how to handle them to ensure your CU is protected.

Derek Tyree

Director of Talent Development, STCU

Creating a culture of employee engagement to attract & retain your best & brightest

Everyone talks about member engagement, but what about employee engagement? Discover how to empower the most valuable asset in your organization and create a strong brand in your market using the same strategies Derek Tyree employs at STCU. Find out STCU develops and retain 97% of its highest performers since 2015… turns EVERY employee into a leader … and leverages new training methods for modern learners.


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