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Peter Duffy

[Managing Director, Sandler O’Neill]

Bill Hampel


Chris Lawrence

[CFO, America First CU]

Tony Ferris

[CEO & GRC Revolutionist]

Rob Johnson

[Executive VP/Principal, c. myers corporation]

Jared Mills

[CPA, Advisory Services Group]

Attendees of the Financial Summit will take home:

  • The top 5 emerging value-based analytics for CFOs.
  • 4 key factors to consider when evaluating a potential merger from both sides of the deal.
  • Guidance to move beyond reporting data & get buy-in from ALL your stakeholders.
  • Solutions for double-digit L/S growth.
  • Strategies for managing loan and savings flows in a turbulent economy.
  • Proven tactics to increase your footprint in the market and grow.
  • And much more.
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Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner, Inc.’s combat-proven planning process. Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

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Here are just a few highlights…
Financial Summit Sessions
Bill Hampel


Dealing with a Liquidity Challenge in Today’s Economy

The economy may well be approaching a turning point, with changes likely in economic growth, employment, inflation and interest rates. This will have important implications for credit union loan and savings flows. The session will address these factors, and how to respond.

Sponsored by:

Jared Mills

CPA, Advisory Services Group

Myths & Opportunities in CECL’s Forecasting Requirement

It can be difficult to quantify your qualitative reserve adjustments. In this session, we will evaluate actual portfolio experiences relative to external factors on various institution sizes, discuss common correlations and leading indicators, as well as methods to utilize the resulting analysis.

Sponsored by:

Rob Johnson

Executive VP/Principal, c. myers corporation

Bridging the Gap: How to Move Beyond Reporting Data & Get Buy-In From Your Team

The most effective CFOs understand that what’s needed are better methods of presenting data and gaining genuine understanding from everyone in the C-suite — even those who dread the numbers! Master storyteller & ALM expert, Rob Johnson, uses three common scenarios involving lending, marketing & budgeting to show how you can engage other managers, directors and ALCO members for more effective decision-making.

Peter Duffy

Managing Director, Sandler O’Neill

The Evolving Role of Merger in CU Strategic Planning

M&As are occurring just about every day, on average, in the CU movement right now. Rising technology costs, burdensome regulations, and a need for scale to drive down operating costs are forcing many CUs to merge. Whether your CU is a “buyer” or “seller” in this new M&A market, you must have a plan. Join one of the country’s leading M&A experts, Peter Duffy of Sandler O’Neil, who will help guide you to develop your CU’s merger strategy. You get:

  • The 4 key factors to consider when evaluating a potential merger from both sides of the deal!
  • The challenges – and opportunities – for the “continuing” CU and the “merging” CU.
  • How to measure the true value of a merger to your organization – and most importantly, to your members!
  • 7 critical questions every CU leader must ask before entering into an M&A.

In this eye-opening session, Duffy pulls back the curtain to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to M&As so you don’t get blind-sided. The pressure to merge is expected to continue to increase as more CUs search for solutions to scale their organization and recruit talented employees.

BONUS: Every attendee will also get Duffy’s 10-Point M&A Checklist to take back and begin to apply to your strategic plan.

Tony Ferris

CEO & GRC Revolutionist,
Rochdale Paragon

The Art & Science of Balancing Risk & Reward

As a CU leader, you have the tremendous responsibility of preserving organizational value while simultaneously growing your financial institution in a strategically safe and sound way. The question is, with so many competing ideas and systems, what’s the best approach? Tony Ferris, CEO and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) revolutionist at Rochdale Paragon Group shows how the most successful credit unions identify, measure and manage the risks that matter most. With over 20 years in the financial industry, Tony offers real-world, practical guidance to align front-line managers, C-suite execs and board members, allowing you to focus on uncovering both your best opportunities and your worst potential problems that could lead to trouble. Regulators are now scrutinizing CUs to ensure they have processes to inform the board, realistically assess risk and proactively address problems to avoid surprises. Are you prepared? Find out how to manage the risk and grow using the same strategies that have helped other credit unions reduce delinquencies, increase return on assets, generate improved net interest rate margin, prudently take on smart growth-oriented risk and much more. CUs who embrace these principles routinely perform in the top tier relative to peers … drive new business lines … develop deeper lending strategies resulting in double-digit L/S growth … and improve allocated resources driving increased footprint and member growth with many doubling their size over the last few years.

Chris Lawrence

CFO, America First CU

Top 5 Analytics CFOs Must Measure to Grow Without Sacrificing Their Values

Growth is important, but at what cost? Chris Lawrence, a “recovering ex-banker” and now CU evangelist warns that as CUs become more bank-like, they risk losing their tax-exempt status. Find out how Lawrence and other leading CFOs are adopting new values-based metrics to ensure they operating efficiently … improving earnings without impacting members … measuring their true opportunity costs … evaluating their risk profile … and much more.


Field-tested tactics you know will work.

Takeaways you can begin applying immediately.

Checklists, guides, templates & tools to take home.

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