Tim Harrington

TEAM Resources:
CPA, President

[Pre-Con • 07/30/19]
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Theme: Pre-Con Workshop #2 — Financial Management: De-coding Your CU’s Critical Ratios
[Breakout Sessions]
Leadership Summit
Theme: Enlightened Leadership From Eisenhower to LeBron

Tim Harrington started working with banks and credit unions in 1988. Tim and TEAM Resources have a long history of helping financial institutions move forward with greater confidence, profitability and integrity, to serve their market or field of membership better. His leadership topics and board governance training have taken him beyond the financial services industry.

While there are many “speakers,” Tim “talks.” He talks from the heart. More importantly, he talks to the heart. It is the heart where each of us truly lives. Inspiring people in an organization requires first, touching their hearts. Helping them to feel and see what a group is attempting to accomplish is the key. Everyone wants to do their best – for themselves, their family, their co-workers, their customers. When their “heart is in it” their best can emerge.

In Tim’s talks, Eisenhower on Enlightened Leadership and A Higher Purpose, he inspires people to live their highest dreams and their highest ideals. He encourages individuals and organizations to live “on purpose.” To do something so someone else’s life can be better. Tim reminds people that if they help other’s achieve their dreams, they will achieve and even surpass their own.