John Moreno

Senior Managing Director:

[Day 1 • 7/31/19]
10:00 am – 10:30 am
Theme: Be the Best by NOT being Normal: How to Build an Extraordinary Culture for Success at Your CU
Leadership Summit
Theme: Top 5 Strategies to Get the Most Return on Your Executive Compensation Investment

John has spent the last 17 years serving credit unions.  Throughout his career, John has continually striven to provide highly customized solutions to his client’s needs.  Most recently, John has worked with numerous credit unions in structuring deferred compensation programs, non-703 investment programs to offset benefit costs and balance sheet optimization strategies. John is a noted speaker having presented cutting-edge data at numerous credit union events including: CUNA’s CFO Council, the National Leaders and Directors Conference, CU Conferences and numerous credit union league events.  Additionally, John has delivered multiple web-based seminars on topics including deferred compensation taxation, plan construction and development and compensation trends in the industry.  He has authored numerous articles on compensation, BOLI, and nonqualified benefit plans. John uses a highly consultative approach to analyze and execute deferred compensation and investment plans with the goal of strengthening our credit union client’s financial performance.
During his time at CUNA Mutual Group, he helped grow institutional assets under management from 60 million to 210 million within a 9-month period. John finalized development and successfully piloted a state-of-the-art investment program tailored to credit union regulatory and accounting constraints.   At Meyer-Chatfield, he is helping usher in truly institutional programs that are aligned with emerging accounting standards and updated tax regulations.