Jim Craig

Co-Founder, Conotext, LLC

Marketing Summit
Theme: Developing a Digital-First Marketing Strategy

Jim Craig has more than 25 years of retail, fintech and credit union marketing experience. A geek at heart (he learned BASIC and PASCAL in high school and hand-coded corporate websites in the early days of the Internet), Jim is always looking for ways to leverage technology to build richer connections between people and the companies they trust.

Besides continually growing and adapting as a financial services marketer, Jim has advised fintech companies Micronotes, Geezeo and Andera, and has served as a member of the CU24 Marketing Exchange and Deluxe Collaborative.

Now heading up Conotext, a full-service digital agency for credit unions, community banks and fintech providers, everything Jim does is focused on increasing the level of relevant engagement between his clients and the digital consumer.