Dr. Samuel Jones

Motivational Speaker

HR Summit
Theme: Raise the B.A.R. (Beliefs. Actions. Results.) A practical guide for CU Leaders

Dr. Samuel Jones’ motivational and inspirational keynote presentations are inspiring and encouraging. His positive message sparks hope as he delivers a custom-created speech. Dr. Jones uses his personal story and experiences from his collegiate and professional basketball history that will engage your heart, soul and mind. He speaks regularly at a variety of events, conventions and conferences in settings of thousands of attendees, to smaller, more intimate settings, to church and community-based groups. He often speaks on the topics of his books, or on a specific issue/concern that an organization wishes to address. His signature keynote address is titled “The Power to Make a Difference.” In that speech, Dr. Jones inspires, encourages and give the audience practical strategies to use their power to make a difference in business and life.