1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Deep-Dive Hot-Topic Workshop #1
Strategic Planning: Built for Growth

Strategic planning has become about as commonplace as filing taxes. But when was the last time you left a strategic planning session excited about the future and feeling confident about facing the challenges that lie ahead?

Join us for a special pre-conference workshop as we follow the newest and innovative strategic planning methods now being used by more than half of all Fortune 500 companies to guide their organizations for years to come. Discover how to turn your planning process into a powerful force in this hands-on, practical session. Perfect for your entire leadership team!

WARNING: This is NOT a traditional strategic planning session. Using the newest planning tactics, you will discover how to unlock your CU’s greatness – and grow!

Find out how to:

  • Critically assess (no sacred cows!) what is truly holding your CU back.
  • Develop sound solutions to either remove, reduce or redesign the barriers to growth.
  • Identify the opportunities that differentiate your CU from every other competitor from in the cloud or down the street.
  • Build a strategy for innovation and growth that will inspire your entire team – and your members!

TAKE HOME: During this highly engaging and interactive workshop, you will walk away with a head-start plan you can back to your CU.

Tim Harrington

CPA, President, TEAM Resources

Deep-Dive Hot-Topic Workshop #2
Financial Management: De-coding Your CU’s Critical Ratios

Interest rates are on the rise. Inflation is creeping upward. Auto lending is beginning to show signs of waning. And liquidity is now the hot button issue among examiners.

Tim Harrington, one of the CU Leadership Convention’s All-Time Highest- Rated Speakers, will help you decode the critical ratios every CU leader MUST know to manage the organization. Plus, he reveals the 5 little-known, but very powerful metrics you can use to give your CU an edge over the banks in your market.

You will discover:

  • The 12 critical ratios that matter most so you can decode them in just seconds! (This guidance alone will save you hours of frustration with your team.)
  • Evaluation techniques to determine what each metric means to your CU – and the questions you need to be prepared to answer.
  • Real-world benchmarking data you can use to gauge your CU’s performance.
  • Secrets to quickly – and accurately – analyze your financial statement so you know instantly how your CU is performing.
  • Solutions to create a long-term forecast to help guide your leadership team.
  • In-depth analysis you need to make both short-term and long-term decisions based on the key ratios.

Join Tim as helps you – and your entire team – make sense of your balance sheet and income statement in plain-English!

TAKE HOME: Every attendee gets Tim Harrington’s Financial De-Coding Manual to take back to your CU to begin deciphering your CU’s most important financial figures.

Alex Hernandez

VP of Customer Solutions, DefenseStorm

Deep-Dive Hot-Topic Workshop #3
What CU Executives Need to Know & Do About Cybersecurity Now!

CUs of all sizes represent unique high-value targets for cyber criminals.  The inevitable reality of cyber attacks means that CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CISOs, CCOs, Chairs & Directors must understand both individual and collective responsibilities in being prepared to detect, contain and recover from cyber incidents.

In this unique workshop, DefenseStorm’s Alex Hernandez presents expert insights and practical guidance for CU executives to better understand cyber risk preparedness, especially against the backdrop of increasing regulatory scrutiny and assessment frameworks such as NCUA’s Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (ACET). Stress-test exercises centered on a simulated cyber incident at a CU provide the structure for exploring various options and decisions that emerge as details unfold.  Active discussions with peers and advice from experts create a blueprint for effectively handling issues, risks and options. Attendees receive:

  • Lessons learned from other financial institutions that experienced data incidents – and what you can learn from their mistakes!
  • Proven best practices to guard against the newest cyber threats.
  • Practical solutions you can put in place right away when the FBI calls to tell you there has been a breach!
  • Internal and external vulnerability checks every CU must be following.
  • What to expect when a NCUA examiner puts your CU through the ACET process so you are not blind-sided.

TAKE HOME: Every attendee also takes home DefenseStorm’s comprehensive workbook What CU Executives Need to Know & Do About Cybersecurity Now! and DefenseStorm’s quick reference 8-Point Cyber Prescription for Doing the Right Things Right – and PROVING IT to help minimize the risk to your CU – and your members’ privacy!

Brett Christensen

Owner, CU Lending Advice, LLC

Don Arkell

Sr. Consultant, CU Lending Advice

Deep-Dive Hot Topic #4
Lending: How to Thrive in Hyper-Competitive Market

Looking at the market data and it would appear that every CU is setting one record after another in auto loans, installment credit, real estate and home equity loans. But we know that just isn’t true!

In this no-holds barred workshop, you get real-world, practical guidance from the country’s foremost lending experts, who have come together for this rare, one-time only pre-conference workshop.

As the economy continues to grow, CUs have never faced more competition than today. Your members have more options. And that means more pressure on your organization to respond when and where your members need you – within a fraction of a second! Get the strategies you need to compete in hyper-competitive marketing, including:

  • The 10 factors that make or break CU’s lending departments – ignore these at your own risk!
  • How to safely and soundly price your loans based on risk – and still deliver the best rates for your members.
  • Practical solutions to design your loan department for maximum efficiency & give your CU an edge over the competition.
  • New technology you can leverage to make 90% of your loan decisions in an instant! Plus, how to manage the process quickly and painlessly for those that do not fall within your pre-approved criteria.
  • Secrets to sell without really selling!
  • Keys to increase profitability on every new loan so you can maximize your ROA.

These are the same practical, no-nonsense strategies that increased direct consumer loans 50% at a $2 billion CU and boosted loan growth more than 100% at a $120 million CU!

TAKE HOME: Every attendee also gets CU Lending Advice’s Top 10 Tactics for Record-Breaking Loan Growth you can begin to put work right away!